We love soap, especially different kinds of soap. After traveling a few places and using different soaps that keep us in good spirits, it was time to start our own soap line.

SOAP WHAT is all natural infused with organic oils and is handmade. It has taken a few trials to get the right blend. About two years later, the soaps are ready.

If you purchase a soap and do not like the smell, mail it back to us and we will gladly refund your money or exchange it for another soap.

Enjoy and feel free to drop us a line we love hearing from friends.

Thank you for shopping!

Soap What

One More Thing(s):
Coconut Oil - Helps make bubbles. How cute right?

Olive Oil - Moisturizes and cleanses skin without stripping away its natural moisture. We need that in our lives!

Organic Sunflower Oil - Rich in Vitamin E which helps traps moisture inside skin cells. Your skin will love the way it feels!

Organic Palm Oil - Full of healthy fatty acids, high in Vitamin E & A, helps soap maintain shape. Fat that is good for us? No Way!

Shea Butter: Make the bar have a creamy feel, amazing moisturizer, and helps the skin heal. It's a Miracle!

Ingredients for each soap can be found in our shop. Our soaps contain lye. Our soaps do not contain GMO's, parabens (a chemical preservative), petroleum, or unnatural preservatives. All soaps are VEGAN except our goat milk soaps.


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